The Rise of Women’s Soccer: How Women’s Soccer Socks Boost Performance

The Rise of Women’s Soccer: How Women’s Soccer Socks Boost Performance

Over 1 billion viewers watched in awe as the US Women’s Soccer Team kicked their way to victory at the World Cup competition this past year. This triumph was a win for women everywhere, internationally empowering women of all ages to strive for more. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, more than three-quarters of working women feel that participating in sports helps enhance their self-image. For women and girls of all ages, participation in sports like soccer establishes essential life skills that can be applied to every aspect of their daily lives.

The Global Impact of the US Women’s Soccer Team

The recent world cup win from the US Women’s Soccer Team has brought women’s soccer into the limelight and sparked a global phenomenon, with 30 million women worldwide now playing the sport. According to the FIFA (the international governing body for soccer), 8 more women’s teams are in the works of being added in time for the next women’s soccer tournament in 2023 due to staggering demand. 

This is an incredible step forward, because across the globe women who play soccer face a number of different stigmas and challenges. For example, in Brazil where soccer is a national pastime for citizens, soccer was banned for women until very recently because it was seen as “not suitable for the female body.” Having access to sports like soccer is beneficial to women and girls of all ages.

The Importance of Girl’s Soccer

It’s obvious that playing sports keeps players fit, but there are unseen benefits that are just as important. Girls who participate in sports such as soccer tend to maintain a healthier weight and have a reduced risk of developing diseases like osteoporosis and breast cancer later on in life. Girl’s soccer also helps build both physical and social confidence, by giving a platform that allows them to see their skills grow and improve. 

Additionally, exercise releases endorphins in the brain, a chemical that helps trigger positive feelings. This makes youth soccer a great way to fight depression, find relief from stress and find support from friends on the field. These benefits are also true for adult women who play the sport as well

The Right Tools for Success

Playing a sport like soccer requires the right tools to protect against injury and enhance performance on the field. In addition to jerseys, cleats and shin guards, soccer compression socks are popular tools for soccer players. Women’s soccer socks can significantly improve performance for major and minor league players, girl’s youth soccer players and anyone in between. Ankle injuries are common for those who play soccer because of repetitive microtraumas caused by the impact of the ball and the potential to bend the ankle in an unnatural way while running; compression socks help keep ligaments in the ankle aligned and increase blood flow to reduce this risk of injury. Athletic compression socks also help with post-game recovery to reduce aches and pains.

For those with dreams of playing in the Women's Worldcup or enjoy soccer as a way to stay healthy and fit, Lasso Gear’s soccer compression socks are perfect for enhancing your gameplay. By mimicking medical and kinesio taping patterns, Lasso’s compression socks help to reduce the risks of ankle sprains and rolls without limiting mobility. After overexertion, lactic acid build-up commonly occurs, causing aches pains and swelling. Our TrueCompression™ technology promotes circulation that protects against this build-up and reduces post-game discomfort.

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